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The developments, services and products for our core customers (Universal Fingerprint of Life, AI-supported data storage and analysis, Graphical User Interfaces, as well as the global Blockchain Transaction Management System – all developments for environmental and customs authorities, manufacturing industry, etc.), as well as the development of the organization itself, are financed by us with venture capital (High-Tech Gründerfonds Bonn and in the future further global investors). The problems of husbandry, breeding and trade control dealt with here essentially represent the long-term economic potential of Ark Biodiversity. The company’s focus should actually be limited exclusively to these developments and applications. However, we see ourselves as a company in the service of species conservation in general and can hardly ignore the myriad of academic applications made possible by our technology.
Our solution is to work exclusively in close academic partnerships on all other academic, breeding and species protection-related issues – due to their sheer mass, unpredictable nature and multiple resolution into ever new questions. These, in turn, will only be fundable through public research proposals. In this respect, we are committed to such issues with a growing network of academic institutes and have now successfully maintained this process with the successfully approved research project FOGS of the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology, BMBF, through our subsidiary LFA GmbH. We hope to continue these activities in the future with many and diverse projects.

In 2019, Ark-Biodiversity acquired 100 percent of the shares of Labor für Abstammungsbegutachtungen, LFA GmbH, a company that has been active in developing marker sets, and performing analyses aimed at curbing illegal animals trading for endangered and protected species for more than a decade.

In collaboration with Leibniz-Institut Museum Alexander Koenig, the project now called “FOGS”, was conceived and jointly submitted as a BMBF grant-application for one of the most advanced projects ever for Biodiversity Protection – largely focused on endangered animals native to Germany and surrounding countries. The project was approved end the end of 2019 and is now beginning its initial research phase.

The synergy with Ark-Biodiversity’s project is significant, as a number of the technologies developed in the FOGS-project can be integrated into Ark’s own proprietary technology, while Ark-Technologies will expand the practical application of many of the conceptual innovations of FOGS from a limited set of species to encompass literally all species, known and yet unknown.

We are proud and congratulate the team in our subsidiary company for achieving the milestone of acquiring this project and, as the parent company look forward to greatly expand the current collaboration with their partners.