Non-Invasive gender determination of turtles

Are you tired of waiting year after year to finally know the gender of your turtles? We offer a new uncomplicated solution! We are far advanced in the development of the first molecular gender-determination test for turtles for the four families: testudinids, geoemydids, emydids and cheloniids. These turtle families comprise more than 50% of all living turtle species and further families will follow soon. As you certainly know, incubating at specific temperatures to obtain a certain gender with certainty is in most cases insufficiently reliable. But in all cases, an early gender determination is definitely crucial for every successful commercial and non-commercial breeder. In contrast to other available gender-determining procedures, our test is not invasive: all we need is a swab-test taken from the turtles’ mouth cavity.

Due to the current situation and the associated technical and personnel limitations, we cannot accept and process new samples for the gender determination test until further notice. However, pre-registrations can still be made and we will contact you as soon as our capacities allow new analyses.

Gender determination of turtles is carried out by the experienced  team of Ark-Biodiversity’s Laboratory with the utmost care and professionalism.