Dr. Alexander Olek – Managing Director

Dr. Alexander Olek, Managing Director

Dr. Olek junior started his career in the life sciences with an Honours Degree at Imperial College, followed by PhD studies in the department of Prof. Thomas Trautner, one of the world’s pioneers in epigenetic research. He founded “Genom Analytik GmbH” in 1995, “Biospytec GmbH” and “Epigenomics AG” in 1999, as well as co-founded “Onmeda” in 2000, “Epiontis GmbH” in 2002 “Certagen GmbH” in 2005, “Catenion GmbH” in 2004, “Phorms AG” in 2005 and “Nobel Education Network ltd” in 2010, all of which are still successful businesses in themselves or were successfully sold and today still run under a different brand.

He is the author of tens of patents and highly ranked scientific publications, was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001 and “Gründer des Jahres” (Founder of the Year) in 2002.

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